simple moments

By simplemoments


...of fire

although one could argue - this is more a ring - of peach than orange - however that’s technically dribble - in my mind - for fire is what i thought - when i saw it - so fire it will be

i’ve no earthly idea what kind - of flowers these are - they came planted in with my - new balcony planter box - i had delivered several days ago - i had no choice in the matter - simply told them i got tons of afternoon sun - and couldn’t have flowers - which would burn up - in that direct sunlight - we all know when it comes to flowers - i am totally useless - i just know they look pretty - and i know what i like - when i see it - that probably sounds very hopeless - after all this time - but since my accident - i just have more difficulty - retaining information like specific - details so i have learned - not to fight it - or get annoyed with it anymore - it just is

i used to be very good - with details and specifics - and retention, but now after aging - and suffering a certain number - of traumatic events - i have come to realize - what’s really valuable in the grand scheme of life - it’s when i can - refer to others - for their expertise regarding - flowers (or anything else) and what will work - i now know that is the best route - for me to go - it’s one which will always lead to...


happy day.....

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