Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid


We went for our second Iftar of the season this evening. The Eid holidays were called today, so this will probably be the last. We chose a totally new restaurant at the Ibis Styles Hotel and were joined by Captains Robert and Glenis and their kids. I can't say the food was awesome, but the setting was really nice. As you can see in my blip, there was lots of choice in the starters.

It's getting hot here. We are creeping into the low 40s. I shouldn't complain because it has happened later this year. It's funny how one happily forgets how awful it is until the time comes around again. We actually ventured out at the hottest time of the day to run two errands. There should have been a third, but it got too much.

Our local big online store got taken over by Amazon last year. In the last few days, they have made the transition to becoming As a loyal customer, I was given a cash voucher to be used by 31st May, so I went online and ordered a box of San Pelligrino sparkling water. They had a very good offer for it but I needed to spend a little more money to qualify for free shipping. I added a music stand to the order and there was also a steam iron placed in the cart ages ago that had further decreased in price. I placed the order on Saturday and couldn't believe it when all three items, from as many different sources, were delivered at the same time this afternoon, just before we left. THAT was impressive!

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