Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid


G has a wonderfully short work day on Tuesdays, so I drove her to work, and picked her up less than two hours later. I had arranged with my former classmate, to visit my old school. G has wanted to see it for ages, so today, it finally happened.

She even got to do the journey starting from our street. It is almost 20kms away. We got there and were shown around by a lady who first started working there in 1988, five years after I left! Lots has changed, all for the better.

The school has expanded exponentially and now has 3,300 students. I got to see the building where I had my classes. We then went to the Girl's section where we saw this staircase. I love the use of the steps. We then got a chance to chat with a group of Grade 10 students in a revision class. I couldn't believe that they still had the same desks and chairs. :)

We stayed longer than planned and didn't have lunch until nearly 3! Charles and Jane from the Salvation Army came for dinner tonight. G cooked us a fabulous meal and after dinner, Charles had a look at our website to brainstorm some ideas to help us! It's been a long, full and good day!

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