Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Abstract Thursday: Sparkling Water

Thought I'd get a picture of the box of San Pellegrino before I put the bottles on the shelf. Amazingly, these are almost the same price as locally bottled sparkling water!

It's the weekend, which is a crazy thing to be so happy about after the three days off for Eid. Our restrictions have been relaxed further as of yesterday and we can now be out until 11 pm in the evening. The Warehouse called me to let me know they are waiting to welcome me back! Hopefully, Ladies Night will be back again soon.

I had two Zoom meetings today; a Lavylites one at 3 (after ages) and a brilliant T@3 meeting at 6. That was fantastic. Everyone on the other side (in Surrey) were in their gardens. We even heard the birds tweeting!

And that was pretty much it! Two Tom Cruise movies on STAR Movies this evening, and I'm not even a big fan. We watched Ghost Protocol just for the Dubai scenes.

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