Birmingham - a work in progress (widwed290519)

I took the train up to Birmingham this morning to see the Landscape Photographer of the Year display in New St Station - possibly not the best place for it, but it is at least somewhere thousands walk by every day.
All the same - worth seeing as many of the images are seriously good.

After that I had lunch in the Art Gallery Edwardian tea room and walked over to the Library of Birmingham to get a view of the Chamberlain Square redevelopment from the Library's terrace.   I was expecting to see the buildings which have replaced the old Central Library, but hadn't realised I would see the westward extension of the metro as well.

A past blip here of the old library being taken down.

From left to right in this panorama you can see #2 Chamberlain Square, an office space development roughly where the old library met up with a shopping arcade,  moving on around you can see the curve of the new metro line,  the old Registry Office (wrapped in white) and on toward Symphony Hall and the ICC.

A six frame panorama stitched together in Lightroom, shot in manual with my new toy Canon M5
This one definitely improves seen large on black.

My effort for Wide Wednesday which I am hosting this week and next. After that you have Freyjad hosting for three weeks until BobsBlips returns.

I'll go through later and star your entries so you will at least know I have seen them.  If you don't see anything from me by say midday (UK time) tomorrow - let me know.

One of life's little moments.  While I was looking at the photo exhibition there was a very clear announcement to the effect that the emergency evacuation alarm in the station was about to be tested and there was no need to leave.  20 seconds later the alarm goes off ... many people left - some running and clearly quite worried.  I did wonder if the lack of any movement from the security staff and police was not something of a hint ..... but apparently not.

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