By CarolineJay


It poured all day today, and there was much sorting of Mum's financial affairs and discussing with sister R what I have to say to her doctor at her appointment tomorrow. Therefore I didn't get out to blip, so here's a photo we gave our parents for their Silver Anniversary in 1975.

The photo involved a whole lot of secret plotting and furtive meetings as my younger sisters weren't supposed to visit the house of vice and iniquity where I was living at the time, and where the photographer from where I worked kindly managed to improvise a studio out of not much at all. All transgressions were later forgiven (if not forgotten) by the parents later on.

Me on the left and in the thumbnail (aged 24) in case you were wondering. Then R (21) and K (19) at the back (l to r), and A1 (16) and A2 (14) at the front. And now we've got 16 grandchildren between us!

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