Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Sandstone and Geese

We managed to get out rowing while the water was perfect this morning.   My first trip out to the little round  island to the north with the wonderful sandstone sides that most of the gulf Islands are made of,    The geese flew right over me so I put them in.   :-)   Adding an extra of a fairly decent eagle picture from in front of our cabin,..(but the stones won for the blip!)
Our back "yard" is like an aviary right now...I might, no birder that I am, have to do a composite picture of many of what I've seen..including Downy woodpeckers and a pair of western tanagers..when I get time........
We spent a lot of the afternoon ALMOST finishing washing all the outside now are worn out..... (If truth be told, they don't look that great)    H is such a taskmaster!   But there's more on the list, including the studio.  

putting this Youtube  website in again from yesterday --alternatives for the sit down/stand up with no hands fitness test.  thanks to Kendall.  It's quite helpful and I suspect most of us over 70 are using a variation of this anyway.    I should write AARP magazine as I think doing it without hands could be dangerous.

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