By Bella888


In the Upper Gardens is an abundance of trees, plants, flowers. “The Upper gardens hold many unusual tree species including a North American Giant Redwood (believed to be the largest in the country) and a group of mature Persian Ironwood trees. Many of the trees in the gardens were planted during the latter part of the 19th century and are well over 100 years old”

There is even a 2 hours circular walk - detailed on the link below. Strangely, though the Upper Gardens can be accessed from the main square, visitors rarely visit and are often unaware they exist. Fortunate for those wanting to escape summer crowds and enjoy nature at its best.

This abstract has evolved from a photo of a Redwood tree, possibly the one mentioned above. (I’m pretty sure it’s a Redwood, if not do let me know).

Thanks Ingeborg for todays Abstract Challenge ‘Natural’.

(I played with another option, undecided which to choose, so added in extras)

Off for an early walk with Mr B before it’s too hot, forecast is max 20C and humid :(.
Then meeting S for a Lebanese
Lunch, makes a change.

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