Far Enough

Doug & I love exploring, but getting to this point was far enough !!

We were on the road just after 9 am, no need to rush we stopped here and there along the way to take photos.....the light initially was fabulous.  Once at Omarama the weather turned to shite !  
But, not deterred we continued on with the plans we had made, that is to travel the 21km into  the Ahuriri Conservation Park. For those that know this area, it is in the Lindis Pass area.
Because of all the recent rain, the road was awash, in places the road was a river.  We just took our time, me ducking out to snap of a very quick photo before the lens got wet and rain blobs on the glass.  There were times when the rain eased and it looked as if was improving, but then in it came again.
We got to this point shown in my blip and decided this had to be far enough....I think we were almost at the end of the road anyway.  
I've taken some nice photos, but this sums up our day weather wise.
After this we headed up another valley as far as we could go, that also was fun.
Back to Omarama we settled into our motel, warmed up with some soup then just chilled for a couple of hours.  
Now, we are just back from having a delicious meal at "the local".  It won't be long before we're in bed, listening to the rain on the roof.
More adventures tomorrow....the forecast is terrible, with snow down low, but thats not a problem at all....we will just take it as it comes.


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