Beach Bods

I was all set to load my blip and the power went off. This doesn't happen very often thankfully, tonight it has just happened at meal time.
Now two hours later, the candles have been blown out, the lights are on, and I have internet again.

Its been an absolute ripper of a day – as these five lads are testament to. They are on Caroline Bay, digging through to China, shorts on without any tops. Two days out from the official start of winter.....I did think they were rather brave all the same.

And why you may ask are these lads (and lots of other family groups) on the beach. Well, secondary and primary teachers are on strike today (and not the first time this year either).....they are hanging out for
a/ more teaching time
b/ more resources/help
c/ more money
Our teachers generally are paid poorly, many are leaving the profession, others are leaving to take up teaching jobs overseas.....there has been negotiations over many months, but no solutions. Thousands of teachers throughout the country have been marching today......
…..and whats more the annual Budget is being presented tomorrow, the Treasury website was hacked yesterday with some of the budget information been given to the opposition National Party, a budget eve like no other – the fun and games of politics.

We cut back our lavender bank this morning, back breaking tomorrow morning we are off on a roadie (prearranged), we will be home Saturday night.


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