By rainie


Cold again today, however we did go for a walk this morning which generated some warmth.
We took a magnolia for a ride in the wheelbarrow this afternoon.....it hasn't performed where it was, so we will try another spot.  Won't know if this is successful until spring but worth a shot.

Another day of no new cases, that is now seven days. Excellent, and we have only one active case at this time.  Extremely good stats.  Today at noon we moved from gatherings of ten to gatherings of up to one hundred.  Making great progress.

Long weekend here, Queens Birthday holiday on Monday.  We're not doing anything but by the reports many are using this opportunity to fly or drive to destination, which is very good for the economy and for state of mind.

My internet is crap this evening, having to tether my phone to the laptop to load my blip, so frustrating.

Happy and safe weekend blippers


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