By rainie

Abstract Thursday.....

......topic set by Ingeborg is "painterly"  - is this painterly, I really don't know.

We've been a couple of inside oldies today, bitterly cold outside, we didn't even go walking.  Fire lite and snuggy.
Book reading and photography fartnarkling filled the day.
Plus a lovely FaceTime with our Lexi.  Full of excitement as she with her Mum and Dad went to her school to look around and meet her teachers.  Apparently, she never stopped talking (or gabbling), and her teacher said to her she doubted that she could teach her anything!!!
She turns five in August, but won’t actually start school until the start of the new term in 2021.  In Australia they have only two intakes per year, January and June whereas in NZ our five year olds start when they turn five, that is unless their birthday falls in school holidays.


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