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The Old Forge (Tuesday 28th May 2019)

The Case of the Missing Peanuts - Solved.

30.5.2019 (1000 hr)

Blip #2937 (#2687 + 250 archived blips taken 27.8.1960-18.3.2010)
Consecutive Blip #008
Blips/Extras In 2019 #114/265 + #049/100 Extras
Day #3351 (761 gaps from 26.3.2010)
LOTD #2081 (#1922 + 159 in archived blips)

Old Forge series
Birdfeeder series
Wildlife series

Taken with Nikon Coolpix P900 (24-2000mm equivalent bridge camera)

The Woodland Garden (May 2019) (Flickr album)(Work in progress)

Lozarhythm Of The Day:
Electric Light Orchestra - Eldorado Instrumental Medley (recorded February-August 1974, Wembley)
Recorded with a 30-piece orchestra at the old De Lane Lea studios but not included on the original album, this was added as a bonus track to the CD re-issue of ELO's Eldorado and features tunes from that album including Can't Get it Out Of My Head. Played on this day.

One year ago:
The Old Forge

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