Street scene

There's a lot in this street scene, now I come to look at it carefully. Not just one of Belgrade's rather antiquated trams (this isn't by any means the most ramshackle one I've seen), but also a welter of buses including (I think) at least one trolley bus. There's a dog (there are a lot...), a person crossing the road (can be hazardous...) and a crane in the distance (there's a fair amount of building going on here, although perhaps less in the city centre than I expected; however, it's a lot more built up near the airport than it was in 2009 or 2010 when I first came here). I've just spent a fair time trying to look through my various Belgrade blips and I get the strong impression that generally I've rushed in, and rushed out again, over the years. The last time we were here seems to have been in 2012. The shortest trip I made was in 2011, when I literally came for the day between two other Western Balkan capitals. I feel like there was another trip in there somewhere, but I cannot locate it on blip by searching for the expected tags. Odd. Anyway, the point of that digression was in order to say that it's been good to be here for a longer period of time, staying in an AirBnB rather than a hotel, and getting a wee flavour of the city, having some meetings, and catching up with some friends. Meanwhile, my writing has gone really well. Today, I cracked Chapter 1.

The blip was taken as we were walking over to see L and T and have dinner in their flat. We've not seen them for years and years, but the conversation picked up nicely as if it had never been interrupted. It was late by the time we got back, and we took a taxi as it was threatening rain.

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