By flying


.....lashing at the window pane, while Just Joey sways in the wind as droplets elongate before dropping.

We had a wild night, a thunderstorm like no other. Thunder rolled and crashed through the sky, lightning was sharp and intense as it lit our room up. My head was stuffed under the pillows while hubby was mostly oblivious, snoring!! It took 50 mins before the thunderstorm rolled away leaving us with constant rain pelting down which was quite comforting after all the noise.

It seems winter has marked it's arrival right on queue. Temperatures have plummeted, a mere 7C high, there's snow in Oxford, an hour's drive away, flooding and road closures throughout North Canterbury. When this front passes another is expected mid week with snow down to even lower levels.....might be on my doorstep, I eagerly await.

Happy Saturday everyone :)

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