Where the Light Gets In

By DHThomas

Forçats de la route

just over a month
until the tour de france starts
these four have won it

Multiple times, actually! In Carhaix where I drove to have my phone screen changed and protected by a fake glass. This time the repairman put it on himself - it seems to work better than when I do and have to do it multiple times and then of course it doesn't stick as it should and it makes it difficult to reach the actual screen through it and I take it off and of course that's when I drop my phone and the screen breaks. Sounds familiar to any of you or am I the clumsiest being on Earth? I suspect I might be, actually.

To come back to the subject of my photo. In one of the town's squares, they installed these statues. They are of Lucien Petit-Breton, Louison Bobet, Jean Robic and Bernard Hinault, four Breton cyclists who have won the Tour de France in their respective time. Petit-Breton in the 1900s ('07 and '08), Robic ('47), Bobet ('53, '54 and '55) and Hinault ('78, '79, '81, '82, '85).

I kind of hope this year I'll watch a few stages from a hospital or a physio centre bed... We'll see. I still haven't heard from the surgeon...

The title of my blip is the title of a book Albert Londres wrote about the Tour de France in 1924. Stages then were just a tad longer than they are today. The first stage that year was from Paris to... Le Havre! That's close to 400 km...

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