By TheOttawacker

Beats a chilly afternoon on Ilkley Moor

I grew up watching Granada, and until I was about 10 had no idea it was anything else than the employer of Gerald Sinstadt and a purveyor of regional news.

Some 40 years on, this was my first visit to Granada. We opted not to go for the tour of the Alhambra but to walk around the surrounding streets and hills, oh-so-many hills, with my good friend Mark Larrad. I've known Mark since our days at the University of Liverpool, but haven't seen him for about 5 years, When he told me we would be in the same neck of the woods together, well, it was too good an opportunity to pass up.

We met near the Ayuntamiento where he showed off his knowledge of Andalusian dialects and I ordered the food.

It was great to see him, and Mrs Ottawacker and Ottawacker Jr both took a shine to him. I realize, at times like this, how isolated I can feel in North America. I am fortunate to have friends with whom I can pick up 20-30 years later without missing a beat. 

As visiting faculty to the University, Mark gained access to their guest residence - and so we had unparalleled views of the Moorish masterpiece.  

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