Computer screen burn out

Spent the day in front of the computer putting together a photo album based on Ottawacker Jr.’s trip diary from when we went to Spain and England this time last year. He was only six at the time, so his idea of what made the trip memorable were slightly different to mine. Take a day trip to Sevilla, for example: whereas I remember the Real Alcázar, he remembers there being lots of trams. I remember the Moorish architecture, he remembers the ice cream. 
I’ve been using Bob Books, an online company from the UK (although they may have moved to Germany as a result of the omnishambles that is Brexit). I’ve used a scan of the page of his journal on one side, and then tried to put in photos that correspond to it. Occasionally some things had to be put in as an editorial call (he somehow missed the wedding that was the whole point of our trip over there) but other than that, I hope it will be something he looks back on with pleasure.

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