By TheOttawacker

Pooh and Piglet have a smackerel of something

"If it's not one thing, it's your mother," so the saying goes. Or something like that. Mrs. Ottawacker was tempted down from her office space and decided that there was nothing she needed more than a bowl of chia seeds with almond milk. As someone who would rather watch the all 21 hours of the Eurovision Song Contest than eat chia seeds, I leave that domain to her.

I also wandered down from my editing slog to see them sat out there on the back deck in the chill spring sunshine and thought how very much they reminded me of Piglet and Pooh. I won't say which is which because it won't end well for me. Besides, I fell off the wagon in quite spectacular fashion last night, and words aren't coming easily to me. And, of course, I realize that if they are P&P, then that makes me Eeyore.

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