Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Potluck meal

We made it to the service on time despite our very late night! It was good, with some different elements, the most notable was which was a singing quartet called 441. They sang a well-known chorus (Here I am to Worship) to a reggae beat. So interesting!

We came home via Spinneys as G needed to get a couple of ingredients for a salad she was making to take to a potluck dinner in the evening. Everyone in the congregation has been assigned a Deacon. In an interesting twist, they are assigned by the first letter of your surname, rather than the area you live in, so G & I have different deacons looking after us!

Her Deacon organised a meet up for everyone in his group, and she talked me into hers. We had a nice get together. There were five kids in the house and three of them, in particular, made a lot of noise. I'd forgotten what it's like having kids around!! Anyway, we had the customary selfie group photo at the end, and I snuck in a shot of my own.

We've been notified that petrol prices are going up tomorrow, so I wanted to make sure I called in at a petrol station before the end of the day. It would appear loads of people had the same idea. For some reason, G's car refused to start when it was time to drive away. Argh. I had to push it away from the pump before it finally came to life again.

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