By amandoAlentejo

All's Well

Not my favourite photo of the day, but the one that shows the most Brazilians... think there were 25 of them (from São Paulo, Rio, Goiás and Pernambuco), plus assorted others - Portuguese, Irish, Dutch, Australian and us. Started here at ours, then walked up to the Chapel, great time, then down to the largest restaurant in Mourão (not that big) for lunch. All went well (apart from silly demands at the restaurant), and sometime late afternoon, we gave up on the clearing away, and napped...

Woke up and realised we'd very little time to get to the special baptismal service up at the main church. Amazing to see it packed with folk dressed to the nines, kids everywhere, and lots of men smoking outside the doors.

Dinner, as usual, with the Padre (and Hugo), then to a new tapas place that Sandra and her bloke have opened, their first day was a great success, really hope they make it work, she certainly has the personality and work ethic for it.

- our planning all working out, especially that my talk went down well, I was nervous, and Mike with his cavaquinho, leading the singing
- a young Mum discreetly breastfeeding in the church tonight
- Sandra showing me how to eat gooseneck barnacles, they really do taste like the sea, amazing little creatures

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