By amandoAlentejo

Light at Luz

Looking out of the door of a church for the second day running; beginning to sound religious, oh dear...

We were so exhausted after yesterday, just couldn't face getting to church here for the First Communion of the kids baptized yesterday, so had a relaxed morning, catching up on stuff that's important, not urgent. Went instead to the service in Luz this afternoon, six o'clock, and getting cooler by the end, here's the Padre waiting to shut the door after it had finished.

This church is a replica of the one that was destroyed when the Lake filled up (which you can see in the distance); they cut the frescos from the old church to put in this one, looks good, but feels sad, somehow.

Then home for a meal at ours with all the Amigos, including Ricardo's parents; they've all gone off "for a coffee" at Sandra's new place; we're clearing up and going to bed; it is, after all, getting on for midnight, and I still needed to Blip!

- these dear friends that we have grown to love in a short time
- that they like coming to eat at ours
- the comfy bed awaiting us

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