By TMac

God's Home Movie

"This is the story
Story of you.
I have a love I'll keep forever.
This is the story
Story of you.
This is the story."

~ "God's Home Movie ~
Horse McDonald

I'm back!
I have been compiling a photo book loosely based on my Blipfolio.
It has been quite a journey looking back through the entries; looking at and criticising photos that I thought were passable at the time and now dislike, reading funny stories, seeing my children as younger versions of themselves, seeing places I visited and photographed, reading prose and poems I quoted to match an image or a mood...

Tonight, friends came down from Skye. We went out for tapas then to see the incredible Scottish music icon, Horse McDonald.
During the meal, I reflected that despite knowing each other for the best part of 30 years, the 4 of us have never done this; gone out for a meal/concert.
This is our story and, as we all get older, we need to start writing new chapters.

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