Derelict Sunday...

I didn't go on my "normal" Derelict Sunday pre-breakfast bliphunt walk today as it was raining more than I cared for. So I started thinking of a possible derelict shot closer to home. Then I thought, "Why not do one at home?"!

So yes, this is the front corner of our own roof. For some time fragments of rotten wood have been blowing off the barge boards and fascias in strong winds and recently we finally decided that we'd better get the woodwork replaced. Our usual jobbing roof man said it was more than he could do so we've had another chap round to take a look. We're waiting with baited breath for his quotation but he's already implied that he's hankering after us having the whole roof replaced while he's at it. This is in spite of our usual chappie telling us that it's in quite good nick considering that it's almost 120 years old. Admittedly we've had the odd slipped slate and occasional minor leaks due to splits in the lead flashings but have had no major problems to date. However as it'll cost a fair bit for scaffolding to repair the woodwork it may be worth going the whole hog at the time. We'll get at least one other opinion before we proceed, but it's looking as though we may need to spend a little of the kids' inheritance... ;-))

Many thanks to 60plus for hosting Derelict Sunday at present.

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