Two bridges...

... Berwick Old Bridge to the left, and the Royal Tweed Bridge.

A day of frantic activity! MrM's son Angus has come to stay for a few days, mainly to pick up some of the belongings he left earlier in the year. So, this morning, as well as laying a few rows of floor boards, we moved the last of the boards from the spare room, where they were being stored, in to the living room.
Then, while MrM concentrated on instrument-making, I put away the papers that were in piles ready file (to be continued at the end of next week...), cleaned the spare room, and made up the spare bed. Even cursorily cleaned some of the other rooms too!

We had planned to pick up Angus in Alnwick, have a meal and then go shopping. But, apparently, the coach couldn't stop there today so we fetched him from Berwick instead. Time for a meal and quick stroll around before driving home so they could watch the cup final.

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