Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Penultimate day of Ramadan 2019

I got to bed really late last night, in fact, it was so late, it was more like early this morning. Not a good move especially since I had already said to G that we should go out in the morning to take photographs if the sky was clear.

The day was good; in fact, I watched the golden hour from my bed and marvelled at the lighting. I was too tired to venture out though. We left home just before 9, driving straight to the Peugeot garage. I need the starting problem to be sorted once and for all.

I thought we would leave it there and pick it up later, but our service advisor got people looking at it right away. Whilst that was very nice, it meant that we were late to get to Festival City for breakfast. Anyway, long story short, the starter motor is the problem and needs to be replaced.

I really regretted my choice of breakfast venue. Firstly, we had to wait for ages as the scrambled eggs had gotten over. Then, the meal was mediocre, at best. Oh well, never again. We got home feeling extremely full and never wanting to eat again. Ever.

I then had a message from Volvo to say I can finally collect my car, so we raced back to the area to get it before the Eid shut down. I have to say - it is fantastic to have it back and it is driving really well. The guys at the garage found a way to clean the injectors without removing them.

We dropped off a T&T Survival Kit to one of the Awana kids who is leaving Dubai before we wrap up in a couple of weeks. He lives close to G's school so it gave the Volvo a longer run. Items delivered, we made a spur of the moment decision to watch the new Aladdin movie. That's where my blip is from. Mercato was busier than normal and looking great. I love the carrom board in the Majlis. We got a date and a cup of Arabic coffee before we left. As for the movie, it was entertaining and Princess Jasmine looks as fantastic as ever, but give me the original any day! I love the songs in that movie!

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