By Shaaamie

Food Donations and Toiletries

There was a free music festival in Allendale at the weekend, where people were encouraged to donate to local charities or bring food donations and toiletries for the local food bank instead of paying to see the bands and music.

I delivered the first of 2 car loads of food and toiletries donated at the festival to the local food bank today.

Just for information -

Over 3,000 requests for help were received by my local food bank during the last financial year and a total of over 1,100 people from over 500 households (which included over 400 children) were provided with food and support.

Half of those helped had never been to a food bank before.

March 2019 was the food bank’s busiest month on record, which coincided with the roll out of Universal Credit in parts of west Northumberland.

People use the food bank for a variety of reasons which include low pay, benefit delays, homelessness and physical and mental health issues.

Sam and some of the volunteers at the food bank

Have a great week ahead ...

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