By dfb24


the mail! 
It's gotten to be a joke, as every single day Tom asks me if the mail has come yet, and since he's usually the one sitting on the couch--8 feet from the door--I think he should just stand up and look. Sometimes I answer with "let me check, using my mental telepathy" or "I don't know, has it"?  or "Why don't you just look"? I think it's one of those husband/wife things that just sort of repeat themselves, over and over! :))    We went to the clinic for Tom's chemo treatment at noon, and I dropped him off early as he needed the lab to put his IV in. While he was doing that I drove over to  the grocery store that's close by and picked up some things I'll need for meals, as my step-daughter and the twins are flying in tomorrow! Can't wait to see them; it's been a year since we drove down there to spend some time together, & it'll be a big lift for Tom too!   Thanks to Laurie54 for hosting MonoMondays in June.   :))

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