There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

Mama's Kiss

As you may have noticed, I've been keeping a close eye on the Penn State horse barns this spring. The Penn State Quarter Horses Facebook page regularly announces the birth of the new babies. And for some reason, I have taken it upon myself to go and greet each one. SOMEbody has to welcome them to the Penn State family. Why not me?

So a few days ago, when I saw the latest announcement - the birth of a bay colt by One Hot Krymsun and out of Skipin N Time, the final baby of the season - I  knew I should keep my eyes out for the newest member of the herd. The little one had been born just two or three days prior when I spotted the mother and the baby in the main paddock across from our famous Beaver Stadium.

The funny thing was that there was lots of motion going on. The baby seemed to be PRANCING! I looked over and saw some amazing jumps and kicks and dancing maneuvers. I suddenly knew I had to take five minutes to go and meet him.

I walked up to the fence with my camera, trying to get some photos. But Mama was doing a very good job of being the colt's protector. She strategically kept herself between the baby and myself. I would step to the right. She would counter my move. I'd move to the left. So would she. (Allemande right! I thought. We are square-dancing!)

The little colt, for his part, alternated between prancing (Prancer! I thought, just like the reindeer!) and doing some very awkward walking, coupled with the occasional topple to the ground. I am not sure I have met any of the other babies when they were so young and wobbly.

But Mama was right by his side. She placed herself so that she was touching him; so that he could lean on her to keep steady. And as they walked over to get a drink, I was touched to see her give him a nuzzle and then a little kiss. How darling to see it. What a sweet mother-child moment to witness.

My next quick stop was the Arboretum, and the first thing I saw when I entered the gardens from the parking lot was a little spotty bird sitting in one of the big evergreen trees overlooking the gardens. I knew instantly from the way it sat that it was a baby. So I walked closer for a look.

Of course, you know what happened next. I heard the sounds of a Mama robin giving me a warning. And so I carefully kept my distance, zooming in for a few photos of her baby. You may see a photo of the adorable baby robin, still in spots, in the extras.

It is early June and life is busting out all over! It was surely a fine summer morning for mothers and babies. It was great to be able to witness these tender moments, and especially fun to meet the prancing baby colt, so wobbly when he walked, but such a fine dancer. Hello, Prancer. Welcome to the Penn State family.

Everywhere I look, I see love. My soundtrack is a special song from a Mama to her child. Here is Lee Ann Womack, with I Hope You Dance.

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