Savage Gardens

It was a day that took me hither and yon. It included a dentist appointment where my dentist actually (for the first time in the 30 years or so I've known him) pronounced the status of my teeth to be "MARVELOUS!" I have never even heard of such a thing; have you? But hey, I'll take it! After that, there was a delightful lunch of delicious steak fajitas at a local Mexican restaurant with one of my dearest girlfriends.

I had a meeting downtown in the afternoon, and before that, I strolled through the alumni gardens, which are just bursting with wonderful colors and shapes. The gardens are right next to the duck pond I've shown you rather often. In the photo above, you may see the pretty little white pavilion at the very top center.

The day also included a quick visit to the Pennsylvania Military Museum grounds in Boalsburg, where I walked around and photographed the monuments. On the day before D-Day, it seemed appropriate to remember those who served, and to show respect, especially, for those who gave their lives to ensure our freedom.

And I strolled along the grounds and down by the creek, where everything is lush and green and beautiful (see the extra photo), and the pathways are shady, and lined with purple flowers. I ruminated on the monuments I'd seen, about the names I'd read, and thought how it would break my heart to die in a foreign land, and know I'd never see my beloved Pennsylvania again.

As I finished my visit and headed back to the car, I took one last look back. A tiny song sparrow landed on a nearby branch, stared directly into my eyes, opened up its mouth, and sang the sweetest, clearest song: Farewell and farewell, until we meet again.

My soundtrack song is for the gardens in the photo above, which are actually pretty well tended, and not quite savage at all. But I like the word savage, so there it is. And I like this song for my soundtrack, so here it is too: Savage Garden, with I Want You.

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