By schorschi


I understand some countries will be voting tomorrow in the EU elections. Thanks to Nogbad, I now proudly display my LibDem "Stop Brexit" poster in the car's back window - unlike the Speaker of the House of Commons, I can get away with displaying such stickers in my own car.

However today I was on a mission for Angie, to deregister her old car and register her new old car. at the county council offices in Mindelheim. Boy have they speeded up the process in the last 13 years or so since I last had to do such things. Almost a pleasant experience, certainly the lady clerk was ever so friendly and efficient. When I first came to Germany in 1990, such jobs meant taking at least half a day's holiday. Today it was 20 minutes including getting a new set of number plates printed - Angie is keeping her old number but the old ones were pretty buckled & worn & anyway the license plates in Germany all now need to have a flat surface for stickers rather than the old raised circles where the various stickers were inserted.

Having so much time to spare, drove the 100 metres to the Europa Roundabout, the subject of a few Blips, the first one taken on the 28th March 2017 when it was announced Theresa May was getting the Article 50 letter delivered to Brussels the next day - I put in my application for German citizenship before that happened as NOBODY had a clue what was going to happen now.

The roundabout& the fountain in the middle celebrates the town's twinning with amongst others East Grinstead.

Europe: The best idea Europe ever had.

One of the Green's elections posters I saw on the way home which was put up outside the village joinery, I hasten to add not by the joinery as far as I know but like everyone, I'm sure they have green issues that interest them. They supply the stairs to the local ecological house builders "BauFritz" who also have offices in the UK & fly the Union Jack - again an old Blip, my 4th on 24th February 2011 where I started to think about Nationalism & Patriotism but back then didn't speak my mind - perhaps those who know me, might be able to read it through the lines....

The extra photo shows the Greens poster at the joinery, the BauFritz offices car park (again with my LibDem poster doing service & a poster in Erkheim next to the depot of an Austrian construction company with interests in the UK, I think amongst others on HS2 - the poster is from the Bavarian Conservative's leading candidate as well as for the entire EPP European conservative group in Brussels, saying "My Europe sets limits: Turkey will never be part of the EU". Nothing new here as Germany/Mrs Merkel, unlike David Cameron, has always been against Turkey joining. Yes, good trade relations but not membership.

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