A day in the life

By Shelling

The dragons fly

6:th of June, Swedens national day is celebrated in lots of ways across the country. In my case it was spent on the plains of southern Öland, where I live, flying kites at "Öland Windfestival". The day was absolutely perfect for kite-flying in a steady strong easterly wind, blazing sunlight and lots of people. In Sweden a kite is called "Drake" (long 'a', like in "far", the 'e' is also pronounced), translated into English it's Dragon.

I went there  with some friends and I borrowed a small kite for a while but the flying was so great and easy that I bought a kite of my own after a while, mine is the big white one to the right. The wind was so steady I could lay on my back with my head against a rock, gaze at my kite high up there and just relax. Of course I could lie on my back in the grass relaxing even without a kite but it doesn't happen very often, I seem to need something to look at while lying there, like a kite. 

The evening was spent at a grill party close by. Familiar and unfamiliar faces all around, nice food, drink, company and conversation. What a great way to spend National Day.

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