I am not a dog

After Mr Perkins’ recent trip to the vet, we discussed his eating habits.

When I’ve picked him up from the cattery, the lady says he likes his food — proper gobbles it down. But at home, he won’t eat unless at least one of us is watching. One difference is the brand of food. The food he gets at home comes in a big bag and lasts ages. I alternate the flavour, but we think he’s bored of it. The cattery’s food makes a change, so he’s interested.

He used to be overweight, not helped by his having a supper of wet food every day. That was stopped and his food was measured out; he eventually got down to a satisfactory weight.

We thought it might be worth giving him wet food again to vary his diet and mix things up, but not any old wet food. I popped off to Scampers and perused the packets of wet pet food. I’ve tried him on their fancy wet food before, but he turned his nose up at it. A member of staff suggested a particular kind, so I got that; it seemed as good as any. It’s got a high meat content and isn’t full of rubbish, like some of the stuff you get in the supermarket.

He loves it. He is happy to eat unsupervised, and as fast as possible and can you please hurry up and put it in the bowl and put the bowl on the floor? Please. We’re only giving him half a packet at a time so he doesn’t scarf and barf.

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