Once again I thought today was Flower Friday, so I went and took many photos of flowers. This peony is my favorite, taken at Trader Joe's.

I worked out with my trainer this morning, although we've had to modify the routine again because the sciatica is so painful and has now spread to my right leg as well.  Fortunately a lot of exercises can be done sitting down instead of standing.

Then it was off to Costco to replenish my stock of toilet tissue, which I wouldn't buy anywhere else.  I picked up some vegetables to eat raw and some goat cheese because I've been missing it.  It's an allowable cheese in small quantities.

A visit to Central Market came next, as it's not possible to purchase quart-size containers of milk at TJ's  Then home, where Minkelina has been ignoring me since my arrival.  I've started on preparing the ingredients for my mini meatloaves, but I find myself exhausted so the actual cooking of them will have to wait for tomorrow.  I think a quiet evening of TV watching is in order.

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