The ducks were late in arriving

Thought for a while before deciding to ride to work again this morning. The lurgi is definitely hanging on, and the weather is typical Auckland. Predictably unpredictable. It had quite obviously rained shortly before I left for work, and remained rainless during the short ride. Throughout the day there were sudden intense downpours, and bright sunny periods at other times. Drab cloud cover while the wind blew at other times. 

I had left a little earlier than usual this morning and chose to stop when I saw a gaggle of white geese on the duckpond in the Auckland Domain, just short of the back entry to the Auckland Hospital site, which is where the inpatient psychiatry unit is placed. (Its actually an exit only, but a bicycle enters easily and safely in the mornings.)

They were photogenically placed in the middle of the pond when I saw them first, but by the time I had got to where a photo was possible, they had come over to near where I stood. A mother and little girl were also there, and I'm sure the geese were expecting bread, which they did not get. 

Nor did the ducks who streamed in late and pointlessly

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