Make room for another one

We left Glastonbury this morning for Wales. But before going north and west, we went to the Avalon Marshes, where we had one more walk. Muddy underfoot in some places. It is a great place and I would have enjoyed a more leisurely visit. The extra is of an egret which chased away a white egret. Based on the sudden abandonment of pursuit and that this egret appeared to be eating something, I wonder if it was a battle over food.

From the marshes, we headed to the motorway system and travelled north and west to Fishguard, where we were welcomed by Ceridwen and ppatrick. After coffee and a snack I was led by ppatrick to the Wales coastal path and then to a promontory where we could look down at the birds perched in many places.

As I watched the guillemots came in numbers to land on a sloping shelf high on the cliff face. Their sheer audacity in choosing such a place to roost made this photo my choice to blip today.

Later, a lovely meal, lots of talk, and some coffee. The day caught up with me, and I’m squeezing this post in before shutting my eyes. Allowing them to shut would result in almost instantaneous sleep.

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