But, then again . . . . .

By TrikinDave

I See No Ships!

I wanted a slightly different view of Bow Fiddle Rock: wide angle, which demanded the low tide at new moon. While waiting for the tide, I wandered along the cliff path and found the colourful bench. Fortuitously, since I had it with me, I used the tripod and, having taken the picture, noticed a man waiting for me to finish before walking in front. I waved him past and, to my surprise, he stopped and sat on the bench – so I pressed the shutter button before moving the camera. I have absolutely no idea what he was looking at, perhaps he was just trying to see what I had been photographing.
Back to the rock and a half hour wait for the sun to come back out. What would be nice is an easterly gale to liven up the views along this coast; wind is not expected until Saturday – by which time we will be driving home – for most of the week, boring old drizzle is forecast.
Back at the top, I was accosted by an American who claimed a bit of Native American in his ancestry. He lives in The Borders but stays up here regularly and was extolling the virtues of Olympus cameras and their image stabilisation; since he bought his current camera, he has found that he can hand-hold shots despite his tremor. During the conversation, it came out that he should be attending his fiftieth school re-union, but had replied to the invitation with the words, “Living in Scotland, why the Hell would I want to go back to visit America?”

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