By Bella888

A rose among the thorns

A beautiful, but lonely, poppy among the stones. Seen as we took a short-cut through the garden of our once premier hotel.

After a nasty weather wake-up, seems to have calmed down now. Decided to make an appearance at the tennis club (have grabbed the Daily Mail and a cappuccino). Mr B has warned he’s dashing home after his game to watch the tennis. I may or may not return with him.

Update: 16:30.
We hung around for a while and then did a Waitrose shop. Only home now.
Chatted with a Waitrose Customer Services person about not finding the ‘better’ Vegan brands. I know there are supply issues, many are small producers. Or just unable to keep up with the fast growing demand. He nicely confirmed that Waitrose will only buy from suppliers who will be able to deliver, which makes sense until my faves step up production

B’s watching tennis now. Grey, raining, Autumnal again.

Thanks to Anni for today’s Floral Friday challenge

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