Gratifying news

Drove to Poole Park. Looked for nearby free on-street parking, as wanted a long walk anyway. Couldn’t make head or tail of the parking signage, defy anyone to understand whether it meant you could or couldn’t park.

After the fine we got, just before lockdown, wasn’t going to inadvertently fall foul of Poole’s wardens again. In the end found a spot right outside the park and paid by mobile.

Walked to the Quay to check out the 2 super-super-yachts. See extras. Don’t usually see them this size down there (plenty of multi million pound Sunseekers are built here, but they pale in comparison)

The latest to arrive is the ‘Erica’ belonging to a Swedish billionaire. Actually quite an unattractive beast. Mr B said the front looks like a submarine. I think I previously wrote about the earlier arrival “Here comes the Sun” - almost the size of a cruise ship.

After went home. On the way back soooo happy to see our favourite coffee shops in Westbourne open for take-aways. Had a flat white at Coffee Saloon, then noticed Cotea was open too (the one opposite M&S). Had a lovely long chat with Andy and his wife - we had been so worried they wouldn’t re-open, having just expanded from one to two cafés, and a new baby too.

Late again. Will switch off and unwind.
NB Finally got to watch Parasite, a wonderfully weird South Korean film. May not appeal to main-stream film goers, but I loved it.

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