Is it just me

Showering this morning, I spotted these duck (or swans’ heads?). Am I being silly, or can you see them too? Blipped for Admirer’s Silly Saturday challenge.

E, my upstairs friend, brought Alfie down this morning. He usually lives in London. I took him for a walk last night, for the first time. A super amiable ‘Bolognese’ (the breed), he came out happily. Today we took him for a long walk up to West Cliff and back via the town centre. We were both puffed at the end (not fit Mr B of course). See extra of darling Alfie and me holding onto my Tilly hat.

Large George Floyd protests in UK and everywhere. Great to raise awareness of discrimination and brutal policing. But not at the expense of the rest of the population. How many will die unnecessarily as a result of these mass demonstrations with a clear lack of Social Distancing.

The media’s still going on about the R number tipping 1. Not good. At least with the dull cool weather today, the crowds have atayed away. The beach and streets were deserted.

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