By stujphoto

Pair of Gulls Flying

I went down got the harbour today to practice shooting nesting birds as I due to go on a trip to the Isle of May next week to photograph the puffins nesting. Sadly my trip to Bass Rock was cancelled because of inclement weather which is very much par for the course as the landing site there is very tricky even in the mildest of swells. I rearranged the trip for mid-July.

Having shot any number of the gulls nesting on the cliffs I was attracted by the amount of action there was in the harbour where the gulls were diving for fish and chasing one another. I moved along the harbour wall to get a closer look and managed to get an action sequence of these couple of birds chasing each other just above sea level. I assume the interest of the second bird, which I think is a juvenile, is on the seafood in the first bird's beak but I may have misconstrued the situation.

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