We were due to be reviewing our studio lighting this afternoon but we got an request from a recent course student to pay us a visit to discuss some shots she'd taken. The subject of self-portraits came up.

The lady knew what to do with a mobile phone, but not with a proper camera. We set about showing her. She has a tripod and had learned, last week about the use of the self-timer. To save her rushing back to her seat after setting off the timer we also let her use our infrared remote control device which helps you keep your composure for these shots.

I've been aware that some of my social media profile pictures are 5 years old! Last week someone didn't recognise me from our website pics. The weekend after next I'm going to see an old school friend so I thought I'd better update my Facebook image incase I got accused of gatecrashing the party by being unrecognisable!

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