Brian's Bits

By Kanyl


Let THIS be a lesson.

"Raiders of the forgotten Bag."

Yesterday Jerra & I sat for a while hoping to see some starlings on the lawn. With the sun from it's current angle some fine sheens & lustres were anticipated, but not materialising.
Unfortunately I forgot the meal-worms.
I thought the birds were a wee bit boistrous, but could hear & not see from where I was.
'Twas only after I wandered out I saw the extent of shrinkage due to the Raiding party.
Damn good job I hadn't completely opened the top, enought for a hand; and, of course, one starling at a time. "Form an orderly queue,"?
NO CHANCE. "Dive in lads - it's all free!"
The "circle" shows the unfertilised area previously occupied by the bag.

Just ocurred to me:-
The little beggars must all have had a "straight-through exhaust".

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