The U-bend

An "interesting" - for want of a better word - day!

Started off with some domestic stuff, followed by a catch-up with Andrea when she came for her mandolin lesson with MrM. In the afternoon, finished off the filing in preparation for the accounts. So far so good!

Since MrM put the radiator back on its brackets in the living room, the floor in that area has developed a loud creak. It shouldn't have. So, yesterday evening, MrM mentioned taking up the last few rows of floor boards and the boards underneath, to check that nothing has gone disastrously wrong with the underlying structure. After all, we really don't want to end up in the shop below! Until then, having been convinced that it had all been strengthened to the nth degree, I was blissfully unaware that anything could go wrong. At this minute, he's looking down a large hole. I'm awaiting the verdict with trepidation...

A little earlier, I realised that the kitchen sink - which, admittedly, has recently been draining a little more slowly than usual - had become completely blocked. Nothing at all draining away, and a huge load of washing up waiting in the wings. (No, we don't have a dishwasher. Sigh...) "Wait until I can sort out the U-bend", said MrM, who was obviously too busy with the floor boards to even think about it this evening. Nothing for it then but to venture in to plumbing! I've only sorted out a U-bend once before and seem to remember vowing never to do it again. Now I know why! However, the job's done (the bowl underneath is simply a precautionary measure , you understand!), and the under-sink cupboard has been cleaned out.

About to tackle the washing up, after which I intend to indulge in a well-earned glass of red...

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