Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid


These are four of our little angels... NOT! Not sure why today's meeting wasn't cancelled. With the long Eid holidays awarded this year, I think many families have taken the opportunity of a short break out of Dubai. These four die-hard faithful T&T's turned up though. They are the ones who challenge G the most!

An evening of games had been planned and G proceeded to wear them out by making them run for just about everything. I wonder if they will ever work out how the games they played were designed to use up their abundant energy!

We came straight home as I wanted to have a "special" meal. It is the 25th anniversary of my mum passing and as we often do for my Dad, I wanted to have a meal that my mum liked. We ordered Lebanese from our local. The food is fantastic but they are so inconsistent with their portions and pricing. It took the edge of the meal.

It was good to watch the ceremonies from Normandy in the morning. It's incredible that there are still quite a number of veterans who participated in the D-Day landings still alive.

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