Plus ça change...

By SooB


This time we will pick and eat it. I always mean to, but forget and it turns into a big bonny flower. This time.

A very frustrating day.

My Mac was acting up yesterday, and today an update (which I accidentally clicked yes to in a Google Chrome inspired restart) tipped it over the edge.

9 hours later and the OS was re-installed. They are working just now on bringing fibre to us - it can’t come quickly enough for me and my poor old Mac. So that’s a workday lost, though I did manage to get a few things done.

And my PC has lost the ability to recognise any of the WiFi networks in the house, but has spotted my furthest away neighbour’s. Why can’t stuff just work?

I finally bit the bullet and have summoned gardening assistance to deal with the jungle outside. Meanwhile, Joey the scaredy rabbit made a burst for freedom, escaped from the living room and was found in the garden. Given he normally spends all the outside time we force on him trying to get back into the house, this is a change we were not expecting.

Earlier, CarbBoy summoned me to school to bring him and his germs home for an afternoon on the sofa. Then I had the excitement of a trip to a brand new supermarket on its grand opening. I don’t know how I stand the pace.

And today was TallGirl’s last ever French lesson. She’s now done with school for the year, bar the teeny matter of those two exams.

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