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By Chamaeleo

Brockwell Park: Grazing and Drinking

Patchier down and plumage in large.
Cygnet extras:
Sailing cygnet
Shadowy cygnets and swan

My mother and I went to Brockwell Park in the early afternoon: we saw the heron, mallards and mallardlings, moorhens and moorhenlings, and the Canada goose with the gosling, as well as (eventually) finding the swans and their cygnets on the lowest pond. The swans now only have 5 cygnets (they've lost one of their typical morph cygnets, so now have 3 Polish cygnets and 2 grey ones).
It was a cygnet last time we went to Brockwell Park, so it had to be the big bean-bag-gy gosling this time...

Others here (or right from Mallard fly-by (1/3))

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