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By Chamaeleo

St. James's Park: New Calf Goose!

More indescribably fluffy in large.
Ross's gosling extras:
New Ross's gosling & Side-by-side (2/2) & Gosling between parents (2/2)
Other highlights:
Flapping wigeonStarling looking left & Friendly wood pigeon! & Sweet interaction

Choosing a subject wasn't hard, but choosing a picture certainly was...

My mother and I met at St. James's Park: the Ross'sling has been out of sight for quite a while, so we were going to investigate the possibility of Ross'slinglings... The Ross's geese were all on the island when we arrived, but they eventually came to an accessible edge, and we found a gosling, but it was actually with the older pair (the Ross'sling's parents)! The Ross'sling was gosling-less, so while there is a gosling, there's not a Ross'slingling. Given that "Ross'sling" seems specific rather than generic, I'm not sure what to call the new gosling. It is certainly a Ross's gosling, but that seems a bit weak; calf goose (since its parents are lowing cow geese) seems preferable, at least pro tem.

Today's various others are here (or right from Northern pintails)
p.s. The Ross'sling was on sweet form too, and it was nice to spend some time with the various wigeons, pintails, and fauna being fed...

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