Two steps forward...

By stevvi


Despite being up before 6am I was lazy and didn't get out until gone 9, which was a shame as the sunlight had become quite strong by then. I decided on a quick trip down the road to this decaying boat, named Souvenir, as I haven't been for a while. It's Blipped in mono as the light wasn't helping colour matters. 

While I was there I noticed a fair few dead crabs washed up by the tide. On closer inspection there were quite a few spiders hanging around them. I think they were waiting for flies to come and feed on the crabs so the spiders could feed on the flies. Unfortunately I don't have a macro lens yet but the 100-400mm was brought into use and I think the extra is OK for web viewing despite the massive crop. I like the photo as it shows part of the cycle of life, with babies on the spiders back.

Edit: Extra removed as the space is needed elsewhere!

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