By WharfedaleBex

Dog sandwich

While Rich went off to play in Northumberland early this morning, I named my ride dog sandwich.  Once it's named, it really has to be done.

Walk pooch

Little Dog was only ever alone for around a couple of hours and my coffee stop was home. We had a lovely walk and even had an extra short stroll this evening.

This was on the first half of my ride, out to Almscliff and through the Castley lanes home. My second ride took me to Burnsall where I was hoping the wind might have dropped.  It was a bit breezier than I expected so I'm a touch tired but feeling good all the same.  I only caught the back end of a shower right before home and it's now raining - that's made more satisfying by mowing the lawn in Cafe Chez Moi time.

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